Bakery Logo

What Makes Bakery Logos Fresh?

Bakery logo design, just like any other logo design, has a few guidelines that should be followed. By following these guidelines, the chances that your bakery logo communicates your bakery brand and makes an impact, will be greater.

  • Find the voice of your bakery

  • It is very important to find the voice of your bakery. What is your bakery about? Who are you going to serve your pastries and breads to? Where is your bakery located? What are your future plans for your bakery? All of these types of questions help to find the voice for your bakery shop. Once the voice is found, a clear cut image of your bakery can be made and thus born your bakery logo.

  • Choose the right logo designer for your bakery logo

  • There are several qualities you can look for to ensure you have a logo designer capable of designing your bakery logo. Make sure the designer has bakery logos or logo designs from a similar industry. If the logo designer qualifies, make sure the bakery logos are consistent in quality but unique when compared to each other. If the logo designer does not have any bakery logos, make sure the logo designer has logos of several different industries. If so, and these logos are consistent in quality, chances are the logo designer will be able to design a quality bakery logo for you. Secondly, you want to make sure you are getting a logo designer at the right price. Because of technology and internet, you can easily find logo designers with great portfolios and competitive logo design prices. By taking your time and shopping around, you are bound to find a good deal on a quality logo designer to design your bakery logo.

  • Make sure your logo design & brand is unique

  • Sure you want your bakery logo to look like a "bakery logo." But, that doesn't mean it has to look like all of the other bakery logos out there. It is important that your bakery logo communicates that you are a bakery but at the same time, it is essential that your bakery logo stands out from the bakery down the street. When your bakery brand assomplishes this, your customers will see this and make a connection that your bakery shop is unique. People get tired of the same ol' thing time after a while, different is good!

  • Your bakery logo design should use no more than two colors

  • Unless you want to spend extra money for unnecessary printing, you should have no more than two colors in your bakery shop logo. If your bakery logo consists of 3 or 4 colors, you will be charged extra by the printer compared to a 1 or 2 color logo. This may not seem like a big deal but keep in mind that you may have bakery business cards, letterhead, flyers, bakery menus, coffee sleeves, pastry boxes, etc - all with your logo printed on them. Now, let's say you run out of your bakery shop business cards, bakery letterhead, bakery flyers, menus, coffee sleeves, bakery cake boxes, etc. Chances are it's going to happen sometime and every time you run out, you will have to pay extra to print your 3-4 color bakery logo design. If you follow this guideline, remember this - just because your bakery logo is only 1 or 2 colors, it doesn't keep it from being dynamic and unique. In fact, there are thousands of unique and dynamic logos that use 2 colors and even just 1 color. Sometimes it is easier to achieve an unique and dynamic logo by using less colors. Also, keep in mind, using more colors can complicate the design and become unecessary.

  • Make sure your logo design works just as well in black & white as it does in color

  • Time and time again designers will mess this one up. It is very important that your bakery store logo works just as well as in black and white as it does in color. Simply put, there may be times you will need to send a fax or make a copy on a copier machine. If your bakery logo was only designed to work well in color, it's not going to translate well with black and white technology. Make sure your logo desiger follows this guideline when designing your bakery logo.

  • Do not rush the logo design process

  • Just like baking bread is a process, so is the process for your bakery logo design. Too many clients want there bakery logo done in a day or two. This is difficult to understand because the bakery logo is essentially the face of the branding and shouldn't be taken lightly. A good baking logo design goes through a process that includes research and design explorations. Only then does it start maturing. Bakery logo design is a process and should be treated as one - not rushed.

    Similar types of logo design may include coffee shop logos, bakery product logos, cafe logos and restaurant logos. Logo design guidelines usually apply to all types of logos.

    The above logo design guidelines are just a few of the guidelines that should be followed. By following these guidelines, this should increase your chances of a successful bakery logo.

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